How to use the NFC/QR Tag as a virtual keypad to lock/unlock Watchman Door Lock

Step 1: Scan the tag

  1. On an iPhone, open the “Camera” app and point the camera to the QR code on the tag
  1. If you’re on an iPhone XS, you can also tap the top of the phone on the tag
  1. On an Android phone, tap the back of the phone on the tag
  2. If none of the above work, you’d need to download a NFC/QR code scanner from your respective app store to scan the tag

Step 2: Open the Virtual Keypad

  1. If 1 or 2 in step 1 worked for you, you’d received a notification on the top of your phone which you can tap on to open the virtual keypad website.
  2. If you downloaded an NFC/QR scanner like in step 3, you’d likely be taken straight to the virtual keypad website.

Step 3: Use the Virtual Keypad to unlock/lock the door