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NousLogic ReachMe Anonymous Notification Service

(Patent pending)

The ReachMe notification service solves these problems that have been plaguing everyone: 

  • How can I leave a tag on anything that will not expire or change even when I change my contact information or travel ?
  • How can I be anonymously notified without exposing my identity or contact information?
  • How can I leave specific messages for each physical "notification tag" and also update the messages?

The NousLogic ReachMe service is a way for the user to be notified through a web based URL with an anonymous ID. 

How Does ReachMe Work?

  • You register as a ReachMe user with an ID.
  • The ReachMe administration allows you to configure how you can be reached through:
    • NousLogic Watchman App
    • Social media messaging
    • Email (future release)
    • Phone call
    • SMS (future release)
  • You then post a NFC/QR Code generated by the ReachMe web application on anywhere that you expect to be notified.
  • Anyone looking for you simply scan the NFC/QR Code and then the web application will prompt the person to type in a message.
  • NousLogic server will attempt to locate you through one or more notification methods that you have set up.
  • If you are using NousLogic App, you will then be able to communicate back with the stranger looking for you without exposing your contact information.

What Can You Do with ReachMe?

  • It allows an emergency response personnel to contact the user if he is not at home in case of emergency (home on fire, tree falling).
  • You want to leave specific messages for visitor (delivery person, friends, total stranger, ...) to your home.
  • Lost & found - Post ReachMe NFC/QR Code on luggage tag, pet or child's school bag
  • Retail shop owner, Office worker, warehouse manager, medical staff and just about anyone who needs to be reached when they are away from their usual locations or outside of office hour.
  • You want your clients or customers to be able to reach you outside of office hours, but do not want to give out your mobile phone number.
  • You have a vacation rental property and ReachMe service allows your visitor to reach someone if there is any emergency where they can not access the property or reach the rental office.